How can you can spot a real coffee aficionado? By how many times they mention their Aeropress in any given conversation. Or, more to the point, the fact they have their little gadget right there beside them at work, home, the park or even on a plane.

If you’re new to this expert coffee game and wondering what I’m talking about, then let me backtrack a little. An AeroPress is something akin to a coffee syringe that makes amazingly brewed coffee in less time than waiting for your Starbucks order. It’s made up of five pieces including a plunger, a chamber, a micro-filter, a filter cap, and a stirrer.

Invented by the same American engineer who designed those bright orange ring-like frisbee that travel further than the average plastic dish, the AeroPress was something only baristas and a few clued-up coffee lovers knew about until suddenly it went stratospheric. Now over a million have been sold in over 60 countries!

So why are AeroPresses so popular? With its compact design, easy to clean mechanism and being so small and light, it’s the perfect tool for ensuring great coffee wherever you are.

One of the questions we get asked the most is what kind of coffee AeroPress produces. Not quite an espresso, the coffee it makes is a rich smooth brew a bit like a strong filter coffee. But don’t worry, you can add hot water to it for a more Americano-style coffee. The secret of its smoothness lies in its microfilters, so don’t be tempted to buy the cheap ones. Get the official filters – they keep out gritty sediments and create the best flavour.

So how do you make a really fantastic AeroPress coffee?

Well, considering there are AeroPress Championships out there, there is more than one way to brew your magic – but we’re going to tell you the easiest way. Luckily the gadget only produces one coffee at a time so no chance of wastage while you perfect your barista skills on the go.

1 –  Choose the right coffee

At Leafy Bean we offer some of the deepest aromatic blends you’ll find on the market, so take your pick and play around with flavours. But do choose a medium grind so they don’t slip through the filter. Alhough the flavour is totally up to you.

2 –  Get ready

Make sure your little gizmo is clean and ready by laying out all the components: plunger, chamber, filter, filter cap, stirrer and a mug/cup.

Place the filter paper on the plastic cup and rinse with boiling water. This helps the filter stick to the cap. Mind your fingers!

3 –  Boil the water

This is where you can get technical. Some may people just boil a kettle and hope for the best – but if you’ve gone to the effort of reading this blog then you’re going to want to know how the experts do it.

Heat 200ml of filtered water to an ideal temperature of 94°C. It’s best to have your coffee cup already a bit warm so the cold of the mug doesn’t cool your coffee down too soon. Warm the device through too.

4 – Add the coffee

Weigh 13g of medium-coarse coffee. Invert the AeroPress so the rubber stopper is facing upwards so you can fill the brew chamber with grounds and water. Add the coffee to the filter and pour over the water a quarter of the way.

5 –  Stir

Gently stir for 10 seconds, then pour the remaining water, add the lid and steep for a further 2 minutes. I hope you have a stopwatch! When the time is up, place your cup upside down on top of the AeroPress and, while gripping the cup and AeroPress brew chamber, flip the cup so it sits the right way up on your bench.

Now for the best part. Plunge that coffee into your cup…but do it slowly. Take between 15 and 30 seconds. Keep pushing until every single last drop has been squeezed out.

6 –  Clean up

When you’re done remove the cap, find a bin and give the back of the AeroPress a good wallop so the coffee puck and filter fly into the bin. Then rinse the machine.

7 –  Perfect

Your coffee is now perfect and ready to drink. But you’re free to add sugar, milk or more hot water if you want more in your cup. Enjoy perfection!

If you’re ready to join those in the coffee know, click here to view our range of AeroPress gadgets or choose from a range of the very finest coffees. They also make perfect AeroPressents (see what we did there?).