Meet the Leafy Bean Monkey

The Leafy Bean monkey is a private chap. We were very lucky to pin him down long enough to ask some questions about his products, the Leafy Bean north London Café Bar and his plans for the future.

Hello Monkey, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for the website. Is it OK to call you Monkey?

I’m glad you asked. ‘Monkey’ is fine for now, but there are rumours afoot that a new name will be picked for me by Leafy Bean fans soon. Some kind of competition, I believe. I’m a little nervous to be honest – it’s not every day a bunch of strangers choose your name – but our customers have great taste in beverages so I trust they will choose well!

There are so many tea and coffee brands out there. What makes the Leafy Bean company so special?

We are about more than just tea and coffee. We want to get to know our customers and share our passion for beverages with them! We have our own tea brand and a Café Bar in Bowes Park, north London, where we host some really great events and classes. We love to have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact, the only think we take seriously is the quality of our beverages.

I see you’ve been busy modelling for your new packaging. Tell us more.

I’m so photogenic, aren’t I?! I love our new packaging. And as you can imagine, with me being a monkey and all, it’s vital that as a company the decisions we make benefit the planet. All our packaging is recyclable, our boxes are cardboard, and the gussets are cellulose.

You can buy our lovely tea on our new spangly website where we can deliver great products straight to your door. Or pop into our local Bowes Park Café Bar where one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to answer your tea questions.

We always offer our core blends, but we also like to bring you something new every season. This June look out for our special Strawberries & Cream blend, just in time for the summer!

You always have a cup of something delicious in your hand. What’s your favourite drink and why?

The life of a monkey is a tough one, so a hot cup of Leafy Bean tea is just the thing to relax me and keep me energised. I especially love our loose-leaf tea is you get the whole leaf, not just the dust and fannings, meaning a fuller flavour and a better brew.

When it comes to beverages it’s really important to know you’re are getting a good product, which is why we ensured our new website tells you everything you need to know to make the perfect cuppa. You can even read about the history of tea on our News & Brews blog page.

But I’ll let you into a little secret – sometimes my mug isn’t full of tea or coffee. Sometimes I enjoy a cheeky Leafy Bean cocktail such as The Finsbury, our famous house cocktail which you too can enjoy at our Café Bar late night events.

You can sometimes be found at your Bowes Park Café Bar reading the paper or enjoying a slice of banana cake. Tell us more about the café. Why’s it such a great place to hang out?

Mmm banana cake, my favourite – especially toasted and smothered with peanut butter!
I love our Café Bar, especially in the summer when it’s full of dappled sunlight from the surrounding trees. Its so tranquil and well hidden, you could be anywhere! It really is the perfect place to kick back and relax. It’s so much fun there too and I really enjoy organising events, such as the book club and our board games night. I especially love the Leafy Bean Lates when I can indulge in a couple of cocktails and some tapas nibbles.

Our Bowes Park Café Bar is where I go for a chat with friends. I get to meet so many interesting people – from actors and local businesspeople, to our regulars and families. They’ve all become such good friends.

The Café Bar also offers a great menu. The avocado on toast is one of my favourites paired with an oat flat white (us monkeys have vegan needs and the menu is perfect for that).

And lastly, what can we expect to see from Leafy Bean in the future? Any exciting plans?

Well, I’m not one to gossip but come closer and I’ll whisper…

At Leafy Bean we are always looking to expand and bring you new locations in the not too distant future. I’m also very excited about our plans to jazz up a mobile milk float so we can sell and deliver our very own fresh tea and coffee to your office and events.

At our Café Bar we are always adding to our events, with plans to introduce tea classes and bingo soon. Plus look out for our new summer menu coming soon, with plenty of local delights to enjoy with a steaming hot cuppa!