At Leafy Bean Tea Co, our mission is simple: to spread FeelGood vibes through the power of great tasting and ethically produced tea.

From a morning reviver to an evening relaxer, we believe that every moment can be made better with a great cuppa. So we make it our mission to produce premium and ethical brews that are seriously tas-tea and fun to drink.

We love sharing our passion, which is why we have made our range of teas easily accessible to everyone with our online shop. There’s no monkeying around here, oh no, not when it comes to tea! We’ll deliver our (100% sustainably packaged) brews directly to your doorstep.

Treat yourself to tea made by people who love tea, for people who love tea. Indulge in our award-winning loose-leaf and bagged teas. They’re made using whole leaves, so each sip is brimming with flavour. From rich breakfast blends to soothing nighttime brews, we truly have a flavour for every occasion. And why keep something this good to yourself? Send a box of Tea That Cares to someone you care about.

Not only are we passionate about tea, we are passionate about our communi-tea. We care about every one of our customers — from our online shop to our North London Cafe Bar. Nothing gives us more of a buzz than chatting with you (over a brew of course – virtual or otherwise). You can stay in touch with us and all what’s going on at Leafy Bean Tea Co. via our tea-mail newsletter and join our communi-tea on Instagram. We’d love to hear which of our brews is perking up your pot.

Everyone’s welcome in the world of Leafy Bean – because everyone deserves to feel good through the best tea. So join us in our cheerful Leafy Bean world, where we don’t take anything too seriously – apart from tea. Ah, isn’t life good?